Pung Cholam Folk Dance of Manipur

Pung Cholam Folk Dance of ManipurPung Cholom is also known as Mrindanga Kirtan or Dhumal or Dram dance. This dance is performed with a drum, Mrindanga. This dance performed by only males either as integral parts of Nata Sankirtan or independently in front of social gathering.

When it is a part of Nata, two players participate in its performance, but as an independent dance performance at least 14 players follow the sequence of Nata Sankirtan. In this series with more than 40 complicated talas and sanchars that represents particular compositions of rhythms are presented.

The general rules that are organized for its performance make it a distinct type. These are related with religious festivals of the Hindus. The number of players may increase at times up to 100. The performance is full of various types of body movements that are executed with great artistic skills and excitement. Sometimes, Mrindanda creates the sounds of thunder, voice of birds and animals. The movements at initial stage are soft, but later on become momentous and vigorous. This adds in its characteristics. The performers wear a special type of turban, which they drop by their flicking of heads and with their movements. These turban mostly of light coloured.

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